11 January 2012

Holidaze are officially over!

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the kick off to the holidays. Everyone has this mentality that they can eat whatever they want and lose the weight after. Personally, I think people are digging themselves into a hole by thinking this way. Self control is key during the holidays and I'm glad to say that I conquered food instead of it conquering me. Working out on the other hand took it's toll on me because I caught a really bad cold and I could barely talk: TRAGEDY!!!!

Now that Christmas, NYE and my birthday (1/6) are in the past, it's time to #MakeEveryMoveCount! Caffeine will be consumed as little as possible and will be replaced with green tea. According to Hollywood trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, it's a great idea to start your day with a cup of green tea to boost your fat burning. Working out with Nike Training Club has really been motivational and inspiring. Those models are amazing! And, I'm 15 minutes away from racking up 1000 minutes of nike training club workouts!

So with this new year rolling, losing another 30lbs+ is my ultimate goal. I've learned how to work out at home and the results are a very intense circuit training workout.

Also, at the end of the month we will be giving a baby Shih Tzu "Andy" a home and moving out into a new place. See, new beginnings!!! I hope that God blesses every single one of you in your new year's resolutions as I'm leaning on God for His will upon my life !

Maria, me, Crystal and Joanna @ BJ's for my bday bash :)

28 December 2011

It's 10am...

And I decided to go for a 2 mile jog even thought it was 40F.
To some, this temperature is not a big deal but I'm from California where this is freezing to most of the population. Did I mention I have a cold??? Time was mediocre: 16 minutes for 2 miles... not my best but I still feel amazing. Have a blessed day world!

27 December 2011

We took a little day trip to Monterey & Pebble Beach with our friends Alex and Chanmary in July. It was pretty foggy and cold out there but we had a good time regardless.





Chanmary & Alex

The rest of the set.

Long time

Once again, I've allowed a huge gap between my last post and now.
Between work, health/fitness and wifey duties, it becomes a task to find energy to sit in front of my computer and blog/edit photos. I have to retrain myself to relax and not always do everything and delegate responsibilities and duties.

With that being said, the last time I uploaded anything to Flickr was in August. More to come from our adventures in Los Angeles, Chicago, birthday events and Christmas :)

home made "pan"

28 June 2011

23 November 2010

La Comida de México

Torta de lomo - Mexico
Torta de lomo (tenderloin). The best $2 can buy! I ate this a few times for breakfast while in México. The convenience of in home neighborhood shops.

Pineapple Michelada
This is a true Michelada. This spot is the best one in town. This michelada was made with Victoria beer,  pineapple juice and a special chili powder which  I wouldn't doubt had tamarindo ... absolutely delish!

salsa fresca de molcajete
Salsa de molcajete. Lago Camecuaro, Michoacán, México

Tammy preppin' to kill that fish :)
Filete de pescado
Lago Camecuaro, Michoacán, México

milanesa de pollo.. delicioso!
Filete de pollo
Lago Camecuaro, Michoacán, México

sopes tan sencillos pero muy ricos
Sopes de frijol con queso fresco
Lago Camecuaro, Michoacán, México

21 November 2010


Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

Elzhi and Black Milk wuuuuuut!

SF. Mighty. 25 September, 2010.
After a short absence, I finally made some time to hit up a live show.
I can breath again =D

Black Milk


Black Milk

México Lindo y Querido

Trying to play catch up with uploading my photos, I'm delayed!
2010 has been filled with lots of short trips and my yearly México trip.
This year's trip to México, I was accompanied by my parents. The main reason for the trip was to join my cousin Selena to celebrate her quinceañera. I'll explain the meaning later. For now, here are some pictures on the way to my Abuelita's house from Don Miguel Hidalgo International Airport, Guadalajara, Jalisco.





23 October 2010

Mi Familia

Older brother
Mi hermano mayor.

Mi Madre querida!
Mi Madresita.

Mi Padre.


언니 Tammy
언니 Tammy - translates to older sister in Korean.

언니 Tammy and cousin Cindy
언니 Tammy and cousin Cindy

Cousin Selena
Cousin Selena - did her makeup for her quinceañera.

Cousin Mariela
Cousin Mariela

La Tiera de Mis Padres

Degollado, Jalisco, México.

The house my mother grew up in. The house is made from adobe.

La calle donde se encuentra la marqueta.

Californians and one Chicagoan standing in front of the house my mother and her 9 siblings grew up in.

06 September 2010

Mi Padre Querido

Once again, I was browsing through my photographs and came across this photo of my dad. He is such a wonderful man! Couldn't have asked for a better one.

Mi Padre querido